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Lesson 8 (Intro to Pro Tools) Posted on 2017-07-25 by Justin Hardman

     This week we started to go over more in depth on how to setup Protools for your personal computer.  We went over every tab in the setup window and talked about how to get the best performance you can out of Pro Tools.  Steve went over what settings that are pretty standard but depending on how powerful your computer is, you may have to tweak those settings.

     We also went over all the different parts of the Pro Tools interface.  We went over all the different edit tools and how to use each one.  We also discussed how to use the counter and edit selection indicators to highlight tracks and nudge them different amounts and by different values of time.  Most of this stuff we've already been going over since the beginning but it's really nice to go over each thing one by one.

     Lastly, I got to sit in on another recording session for another band this week.  It was some vocal recording that they were redoing because the singer got worn out on the initial recording day.  I was unable to stay for long because it was a last minute thing and I had to work that night, but anytime I get to watch Steve work is always a fun day.

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