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Blog Post 1 Posted on 2015-02-23 by Dean Robles

My first day was something I had been looking forward to since deciding I was going to join the program. I was eager and excited. I had no idea what to expect but all I wanted to do was go in with an open mind and try to take in as much as possible. I wanted to soak in as much information as I could. I was especially trying to zone in on some of the little things that you can't learn through a book but instead have to learn first hand. After reading the chapter I knew the first meeting wouldn't be too hard but instead a simple transition to ease me into the program. 

My mentor is Donny Baker, a really cool guy from the Bayou! He had an easy precense about him immidietly joking with me which put me at ease. The lesson was fairly simple and we went through some of the things that was discussed in the chapters such as wave length, the differences in tone from 10HZ to 1000 HZ to even 20,000 HZ which I could not hear at all. After going over the lesson Donny took me on a tour of the studio which is a lot nicer than anyone would think by simply looking on the outside of the building, which makes sense since there is so much valuable equipment in the building. After all that, Donny allowed me to stay and hang out in the studio and soak in the enviornment.

I look forward to my next meeting with Donny, I am eager to be in the studio more and more.

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