Michael BrownWilmington Recording Connection

Major: Music Production/Audio Engineering

Born in Elyria, Ohio, family moved to Burllington ,NC in 1989. I grew up with all types of rock, funk and soul being played in the household, but hip hop was in my blood. I naturally became  a lyricist at the age of 12, constantly writing and devoloping. My heart was more into the actual production of the music and the instrumentation involved. My beat productions didn\'t start until 1998 in college at UNCGreensboro where I was part of the 420 production/artist developing team. This is when I became an artist but also started producing/mixing. After several years of shows, side gigs, and recording sessions, I always felt like my music and other tracks I\'ve mixed were missing that \"it\" factor that make a song standout and be felt by the listener. That is why I have enrolled in this institute to gain some knowledge to help create the sound I desire. After college I took a hiatus from other projects and just worked on own music off and on. Many life decisions later I am taking the proper steps toward my goal for achieving a successful career in the music industry and do what I am passionate about and would die without, MUSIC.

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