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A rocky uphill climb.......but the VIEW! Worth every minute. Posted on 2016-01-12 by Brandon Honaker

So after a very slow start to my program, mostly due to the Holiday Season.  The short two weeks wait seemed like an eternity.  Every possible outcome ceaselessly circling the outskirts of my mind, like vultures waiting on their prey to stop moving.  I had even started questioning whether or not I had made the right decision with my life.  Today, I finally reached that hand into the sky and chased of my most challenging predator, my doubts.  I had my first session at Oranjudio, my mentor (Joey Gurwin) and one of his Cohorts (Eric Cronstein), had me in the studio for an all day session.  Aaaaahhhhhhh........ I feel like a 2 ton weight has been lifted off my shoulders, I am incredibly happy I didn't let my doubts phase me and am more certain than ever that I am ,not only, making the right career choice, but that I have been blessed with an amazing place full of really great people, for that career and my skills to develop and flourish.  I left my house at 9:30 am, just getting home at 10:30 pm, some might find a 13 hour day a bit tiring.  Well I'm here to tell you, I am exhausted....and ready for more.  I am SO Amp'd up right now.  By the time I settle down I will probably get 3 hours of sleep and then back at it tomorrow for a vocalist session, I wouldn't have it any other way.  Thanks to everyone at Oranjudio, I had a blast!

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