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Major: Audio Engineering

Hi, My name is Brian Zadel. I am a music producer and have composing EDM for about 3 years now.

I am now learning the ins and outs of Audio Engineering. My mentor is a well experienced and very knowledgable Engineer with plenty of credentials under his belt.

My plan is to get into the music industry and take it by storm. My passion for music is greatly taken by my love for all music.

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Brian Zadel

Chapter 7 TrackingPosted by Brian Zadel on 2014-06-30

Learning to be a recording engineer is very interesting now that the whole role is coming into play. Having to know the ins and outs of all of the equiptment, maintaining the cool vibe in the studio and also just having fun... Read More >>

Brian Zadel

Microphone PlacementPosted by Brian Zadel on 2014-06-02

Wow was this a very is depth chapter. a whole lot of notes and alot of reviewing to do. but all in all this chapter was very helpful, not only with the placement but with other aspects of recording like studio dementions, space and depth... Read More >>