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Studio Time, Day Four: Music Recreation Posted on 2018-08-09 by Matthew Nichols

So, my day four inside the studio was pretty fun yet, very educational like always.  I learned a lot today, learning the basics of how to recreate a song of my choice.  Before we started on the song, my mentor taught me about the editing software known as, "MITI," and in the way I see it, its pretty cool.  So, "MITI" lets you edit music and on the computer screen, there is like this piano and what you played on the real piano, it sends the information from the actual piano, into the computer, and from there, it pops up on the screen and you can edit what you missed or messed up on the actual piano of what you were trying to play to sound like the song that you're working on.  I had a good day today in the music studio and I look forward to continuing working on this project with the mentor.

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Day 8: Started on my New SongPosted by Matthew Nichols on 2018-09-14

So, I went to the studio Wednesday and yes, I know that its Friday!  When I went to the studio Wednesday, I started working on my own new song and so far, it sounds pretty good!  The last time i went to the studio, my mentor wanted me to show him a song idea and so I did and he told me that I had a scribble and he wanted me to turn it into a drawing because I had a preview of a song, just a song idea and he wanted me to finish it and make it a whole song and so I did... Read More >>