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Matthew Nichols

It is Now Day 24 at the StudioPosted by Matthew Nichols on 2019-02-06

So I just got back from the studio and today, my mentor and I did some music and worked on my original song!  I made some improvements/added some things to the song to finish the basic layout of the song!  I haven't came up with a name for the song yet but I am looking for something that makes sense with the song... Read More >>

Matthew Nichols

Day 22 in the StudioPosted by Matthew Nichols on 2019-01-23

So today, we finished up the Shadow of the Day song and as my mentor and I listened to the final product of the reproduction, it sounded pretty good!  We didnt do much today besides finishing up the song but I had a good day today though! Read More >>

Matthew Nichols

It is Now Day 17Posted by Matthew Nichols on 2018-11-28

So, I went into the studio this morning and as I went in, there was another student in there working with my mentor until it was my turn and as he was talking to the student, I heard them talking about reverb... Read More >>