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Today is now the 21st Day: More Music Progression Posted on 2019-01-09 by Matthew Nichols

So today, as usual, I went into the studio this morning and it felt great to be back and doing music studio stuff after the holidays and stuff.  As I was saying, I learned something new today because the student before me was finishing up and he was doing a song and at the end of his song, he decided to do what is a common thing within some songs, he decided to do what is called a "fade!"  Now when that student left and it was my class time, I asked my mentor what a fade was and he described to me that its a thing that you use if you absolutely cannot create an ending to your song, making the song go on and on and on until you find a good spot to put the fade making it end your song.  He also described to me that you need to try not to use a fade unless you have to, plan your song to have an attention getter and a beginning, middle, and end!  So, the way he was describing it to me, I felt like it was an insteresting thing to ask about and an interesting topic to think about!  

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It is Now Day 24 at the StudioPosted by Matthew Nichols on 2019-02-06

So I just got back from the studio and today, my mentor and I did some music and worked on my original song!  I made some improvements/added some things to the song to finish the basic layout of the song!  I haven't came up with a name for the song yet but I am looking for something that makes sense with the song... Read More >>