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Major: Audio Engineering/ Production

Raised in a small town in Maryland  Harford county (Harco) Carl Jamal Wilmer Rumsey, A.K.A, Cj,  A.K.A  Kidd Revelation has seen it all. Once he hit rock bottom The Spirit of Jesus crashed into his life and completely changed the way he Looks at reality, and now Cj Lives to glorify the Lord.


Having a mom who was a prostitute and a crackhead and having a alcoholic dad who abandoned him as a baby, Cj found little hope in the world. as a teen he turned to sex, drugs, and alcohol..(along with any other drug or substance he could get his hands on) to fill a whole in his heart left by his parents and others who abandoned him at a young age. Searching for hope and truth year after year He found little fulfillment in his life and was towards the path of a Destructful future.


At the age of 19 Cj woke up and realized there is more to life then sex drugs and money and there is a Faithfull God who Loves and cares about him and that he Gives us more Love then any human being could ever give to him. after realizing all of this Cj found fulfillment in Bringing Glory to The Lord and showing Pure Love to all of Gods kids.


Now Cj resides in Atlanta GA and his Main focus is to bring the kingdom to urban community\'s as well as any one struggling with Life and heartache..through hip hop and giving people hope in there life.


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Cj Rumsey

My First LessonPosted by Cj Rumsey on 2016-04-21

I've Been in the Studio for about a week and a half and already has been an incredible experince. I know it was God alone who hand picked Twelve Studios for me... Read More >>