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Isaiah Selby used to draw on the walls as a toddler until his mother beat him then he enthusiastically transitioned to drawing on paper. Born in Northern Virginia, and raised in "City Of Brotherly Love." Isaiah "Zeek" Selby fell in love with music at the tender age of 11. Isaiah was heavily involved in Track and Field and Art but his passion soon  turned to music while growing up in the inner city of Philadelphia. His father whom he had a very close relationship with introduced him to Smooth Jazz and that's where Isaiah fell in love with music. He pursued a career in Rap after his father passed away from Liver sclerosis in November, 2011 due to his connections in music and acting. Isaiah ascertained how imperative good relationships in his field were so he traveled often and soaked up as much knowledge he could about his passion which was the art of creating. After attending Norfolk State University for a small time in Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virgnia for a Bachelors degree in Graphic Design, Isaiah dropped out of school and continued doing his music expanding his brand thoughout Los Angeles, California. AFter a couple of classes in LA, Isaiah realized that no matter what degree one possesses, he will always be unhappy if he is doing something he truly doesnt love. After this realization, the young prodigal talent decided to devote all of his talent and time to his true passion which is music and the sole purpose of making timeless tunes we all love as a people.  

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Isaiah Selby

Chapter 4 BlogPosted by Isaiah Selby on 2015-04-02

This Connectivity Chapter was a quite interesting chapter. Most of the connectors I seen in this chapter review were very familiar but I never really knew the names besides the USB connector... Read More >>