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Major: Audio Engineering

Twenty-year guitarist who has turned to audio engineering and electronic music production since 2013. I produce under the artist name Peregrine, which is a blend of Retrowave 80\'s style and video game music, with heavy guitar elements. I also play lead guitar in a local punk band First Year Fight. My goal is to become a lead producer in a studio which records rock and electronic acts, and to form a band around progressive rock and electronic elements, muxh like Massive Attack or Nine Inch Nails.

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Marshall Benson

Workflow Creation BlocksPosted by Marshall Benson on 2016-11-16

Several of the past nights in a row have been spent writing and recording music in my home studio. A new sampler (Yamaha RS7000) has improved my beat-making workflow and sample quality, mastering a new analog mixer, and setting up outboard FX and studio ergonomics has lent conductivity studio studio workflow... Read More >>