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Chapter 7, 8 & 9 NotesPosted by Elena Safavi on 2017-05-10

CHAPTER 7 - Tracking   PLANNING – list of names of band members & instruments they play, names of songs you will be recording, specific instrumentation, tempos, keys, meters, song lengths, listen to previous recordings of the band to get an idea of their sound, ask for examples to get mood/aesthetic they want What compressors and EQs will you use and where? What preamps will you pair with which mics? Input lists/plot charts What elements will you track live/what will be overdubbed?   MIC SELECTION – May even consider recording each instrument separately in a series of overdubs, using only your best mics? If more elaborate mic options, match the source to the mic that creates the desired color and texture Think about big picture/feeling you want to create Texture of music Sense of space Frequency response, pick-up pattern, sensitivity, transient response of a mic Experiment, use your ears, use what sounds good   DYNAMICSs – Sound a bit tighter, a bit less open More dead than a condenser mic Can help give more separation of tracks & allow for more control in post Small diaphragm condensers have tighter pickup pattern and look at a smaller area than large condenser mics – can be helpful when recording instruments close to each other Large diaphragm captures everything in a room, bring out detail of voice, have more bass response than small diaphragm (figure 8 and omnidirectional are going to pick up more bleed & feel much farther away than a cardioid)   if you come across an instrument you haven’t worked with before, don’t be afraid to ask the musician about what they usually do or what has worked well in the past   Things to keep in mind when making a PLOT MAP- Line of Sight: can the musicians see each other? Angle: angle instrument so it is neither parallel/perpendicular to the walls... Read More >>