Donald JohnsonBirmingham Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineering

Born Donald Terrell Johnson on January 4, 1985, Trump was the third and final child of 3 boys. 

 When Trump was young, he was indeed a very talented athlete.  After reaching high school, his focus on sports started to diminish and ended shortly afterwards.

 After graduating from high school in 2003, Trump decided to join the Army, serving both in Afghanistan and Iraq.  In 2005, while deployed in Afghanistan, his love for music was born.  He connected with other soldiers who were also pursuing careers in music and it began to become clear to him that music would play a big part in his life.

To Trump, it’s not just listening to a tune on the radio, he really wants to make a difference in the music industry and wants to be a part of it whilst sharing his passion and love for music with the world.

His music career started in artist management, managing local artists and producers.  In February 2010, he joined forces with Alex “Capp Cassanova” Williams and started Bama Bread Entertainment.  Within just 6 months, Bama Bread Entertainment was nominated for independent record label of the year for the Southern Entertainment Awards.  In December 2011, Trump released his first single “Dopeman Spokesman”.  For the first 2 years of his music career, he built several working relationships that were very advantageous to him when he released his single.  This in turn ignited a buzz across Birmingham.

 About a month after releasing “Dopeman Spokesman”, he linked up with Super Producer Bolo and produced “Rain Dance” which landed him shows in several strip clubs around the southeast.

 On October 23, 2012, Trump released his first mixtape “Hip Hop Apprentice” on Datpiff.  In May 2013 he released a collaboration mixtape project with Don Punchline Shawd” Walker titled “Bar 4 Bar”.  He successfully released his latest single, “Spill tha Drank” on Christmas Day 2013.

 Trump is much more than just an artist.  He is a businessman, Co-CEO of Bama Bread Entertainment, CEO of Opengate Management, songwriter, engineer, as well as a current student at the highly acclaimed Recording Connection pursing a degree in Audio Engineering.   His southern style is complimented by telling stories and his clever word play.  From a young age, he was influenced greatly by the Texas music scene led by the late Chad Butler.    Trump aspires to artists such as Pimp C, 2Pac, 8Ball and MJG, Goodie Mob, T.I. Outkast, and Biggie as his role models in music for providing positivity in his life through music.