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Major: Audio Engineering

My name is Kenan Blair, i have been recording and learning on my own since i was 12 years old. At first it was just to make demos for my band and to fool around with guitar amps but it turned into learning how to make my demos and records sound like some of my favorite bands, one of my favorite mixes or guitar bassed albums come from bands like Dethklok, Meshuggah, The Black Daliah Murder, and many other artists in metal. As ive delved more into recording and mixing/producing for myself, i have found love in music that includes more epic compositions such as Cradle Of Filth, Dream Theatre, Devin Townsend and Children Of Bodom where it is all about the complimentary instruments that make the song sound better. Some of my favorite engineers/producers include people such as Bob Rock, Andy Sneep, Mark Lewis, and Joey Sturgis. I hope to someday work to have my craft at a skill level to where it would be somthing i would pay money for with my own music let alone having clients, i am my biggest critic especialy when it comes to finding details in new music.

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Kenan Blair

Chapter 1 Sound and hearingPosted by Kenan Blair on 2018-01-17

This chapter was an interesting read, alot of the sections I already knew such as phase, waveforms and frequency but it was interesting to read more about the ear's and the science behind frequancys, im still waiting to find out when im going to my first sesion at my studio but im still super exited i wish that there was a speak function for the text so it would be easier to read... Read More >>

Kenan Blair

Ready to start.Posted by Kenan Blair on 2018-01-12

So after about 2 months of planning and going through paperwork and financial back and forths i am finaly getting started! So far i have set up my acount getting use to the sytem and how everything works, i am curently waiting to see when i will start doing classes at the studio that i was chosen to intern/aprentice at... Read More >>