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Major: Audio Engineer

Hey my name is Amel Huzejrovic im from Bosnia, and i have lived in america for about 12 years now. Ive been playing drums since i was 6 years old everything that ive learned about drums is from my dad. Ive always loved listining to music and ive always enjoyed playing music, Theres just so much passion and emotion in expressing yourself thru music, music is the drug of my choice i would say. when im playing with a live band there is no better feeling then that intensity that you get and the butterflys in your stomach and the crowd just cheering you on, i just love music everything about it. Music can do wonders it make a bad day feel great a sad person be happy it can calm people down everything, maybe one day music will cure cancer. I like to play jazz, blues, classic rock anything with a nice groove will get me going.

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Amel Huzejrovic

Posted by Amel Huzejrovic on 2012-01-11

okay guys and girls tomorrow is my first time recording a whole band. im kinda nervous but very excited, im gonna be doing a full drum tune up adjusting mics and switching mics out for diffrent ones... Read More >>