When people think of Boston, Massachusetts, they often think of it in the light of its historical role in the American Revolution, or its contribution to politics (i.e., the Kennedys), or even the Boston Red Sox. However, Boston has also been very influential in the modern music scene, having spawned such notable talent as Aerosmith, New Edition, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Donna Summer, Amanda Palmer, Staind, Boston (the band), The Cars and many others. While Boston's music scene is naturally diverse, the town is particularly known for its influence in alternative and modern rock genres, being a hotspot for hardcore punk and third wave ska, among others.

Understandably, Boston is also home to a number of world-class recording studios, and the people featured on this page are professional audio engineers and/or music producers who got a top-shelf education by working in these studios as students of the Recording Connection Audio Institute. Some of the best producers and engineers in the music business today have personally mentored these Recording Connection graduates, each of whom is highly qualified to meet any professional audio needs you might have. Be sure to check out their professional websites for more information about their services, or to learn more about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection in Boston.

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Checking in with One of Our Students in Boston:

We asked Darlene Pech of the Boston Recording Connection how she felt about our program and where she hoped to take her career upon graduation. Read on to learn more!

"I wana try getting into music producing. As much as I love DJ music I also want to get into Pop music, so I feel the Recording Connection will definitely take me there just because I do want to learn how to work inside of an actual studio and learn the business aspect of this. Learning how to present myself in front of clients and you get the real deal. It?s all hands on you don?t spend time behind books the whole day and it?s not a school style, I get bored behinds books, books are not fun I just love hands on experience a lot more."

"I really want to become a music producer / DJ song writer. To gain as much experience out of this as possible, I just wana know the real world aspects of music, you know and hopefully take the most out of this. Prepare for the best!"

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