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Acoustics Posted on 2017-05-09 by Priscilla Colon

  1. _____________observed that when the lengths of vibrating strings are ratios of integers such as 2 to 3 or 3 to 4, the tones produced will be harmonious.  
    Your Answer: Pythagoras
  2. _____________ wrote in his de Anima that impacts, blows, or impingements are required to produce sound.  
    Your Answer: Aristotle
  3. _____________ made a significant contribution to the theory of acoustics in his Principia by deciphering the relationship between the speed of sound and the gas it is in.  
    Your Answer: Isaac Newton
  4. The ______________ of a periodic wave is a measure of its change over a single period that indicates deviation from the point of equilibrium.  
    Your Answer: Amplitude
  5. Low frequency buildup describes a particular type of constructive _____________in the low frequency spectrum.  
    Your Answer: Interference
  6. The ________________is the point space where an audio engineer (or other listener) is most likely to be sitting for monitoring and mixing.  
    Your Answer: Mix Position
  7. ______________ are waves that remain in a constant position.  
    Your Answer: Standing Waves
  8. ______________ are any materials or structures that is naturally or designed to be acoustically unreflective.  
    Your Answer: Absorbers
  9. _____________ describes the bending of waves around small obstacles and the propagation and spreading through openings and around corners.  
    Your Answer: Diffraction
  10. _____________ describes the tendency for sounds to spread out evenly in a consistent medium.  
    Your Answer: Diffusion
  11. ______________ is measured in Hertz abbreviated Hz: 1 Hz = 1 cycle per second.  
    Your Answer: Frequency
  12. ______________ can be constructive or deconstructive depending on the phase relationship of the offending waves.  
    Your Answer: Interference
  13. _____________ are the resonant frequencies of an enclosed structure.  
    Your Answer: Room Modes
  14. Longer ______________ will require larger absorption materials/constructs.  
    Your Answer: Wavelengths
  15. A(n) _______________ will cause sound energy to be radiated in many directions.  
    Your Answer: Diffuser

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