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First Chapter....Complete! We are making progress! Posted on 2016-06-14 by Madd Maxx

I scored a "B" when I could have simply scored an "A". I have met an underground house DJ and have been learning in my free time what we went over in lesson #1.

I also have been trying to listen to alot of music within the safe range as far as listening to safe guard my precious hearing lol. I briefly went over an audio semi-tutorial on apleton. 

I felt a bit overwhelmed with taking everything in but once I seen my test results weren't failing I know I have grasped onto some new knowledge. I have yet to meet an industry artist from this program but outside of program I have met a couple artists from the spanish industry.

I can't wait to put to use in all I have learned. I grasp onto information through hands-on easy and looking to manifest the knowledge.

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