Garrett AdamsBuffalo Recording Connection

Major: Basic Audio Engineering

I am a music producer from Jamestown, NY. I currently am studying Basic Audio Engineering at the Loft Recording School in Buffalo. My genre of choice is Hip-Hop but I try to expierment with all genres. I work at a studio in my hometown, House of Notes, as an in-house music producer. I have gone to 3 iStandard Producer Showcases in Toronto, New Orleans, and Philly. I have had the chance to have prodcuers working with Lil Wayne, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Wiz Khalifa, and many more big name artists, critique my beats. My biggest placement to date is with rapper Dessy Hinds from the Hip-Hop group Pro Era. I also am working with a singer/songwriter from my hometown who is currently in NYC. Her name is Brielle and she has a self tilted debut, Brielle, on iTunes and Apple Music. I hope to be able to become a freelance audio engineer and music producer after I finish my schooling.

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