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First Blog Entry After Completing Chapter One Posted on 2017-09-02 by Zachary Huber

Hey, this is Zack, 

I just finished my first chapter in the Recording Connection Ebook and learned a lot of things I was not aware of and also had touchups on things I did know previously. For example, I had known about Amplitude, Frequency, Masking, and Wavelengths but never really went into so much detail about it before. This chapter really gave me a better understanding and history about how I hear and interpret sound and also what sound at it's fundamentals are, repetition. Sound is literally just compressions and rare factions repeating over and over. From simple sine waves to complex waveforms made up of simple waveforms. It gave me the idea to hopefully one day in the future make a music piece containing no repetition (and honestly that would not be pleasent for most since as humans we crave cycles and repetition) meaning no instrument repeats, no note repeats itself, even time signatures or chord progressions. It's a bit pretencious but hopefully it's doable, but nonetheless sparked my imaginiation. This chapter also gave me a better understanding of the priniciples of sound, how to manipulate a wave, and how to maintian my hearing while listening/creating/ or mixing in the future. I scored a perfect 100 which made me happy and i never really cared too much about grades but I do now since im very passionate about this field of work. The videos and audio files were extrememly helpful, I also took notes since im kinesthetic and auditory mostly. Im very excited to start Chapter Two and meet with my mentor this coming week.

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