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First Session With Mentor Posted on 2017-09-07 by Zachary Huber

Today I had my first session and lesson with my mentor, Rob Sanchez of Mix Master Pro. We went over liscences and percentages split per song/album. I also got to sit in and learn from two mixes he was working on in Studio One. One was a two track guitar and vocals song by a girl named Lilly who didnt even need pitch correction, her voice was that on point. We went over how he uses saturation from multiple compressors on the Master track to add coloration, warmth, and smootheness to the track, along with surgical, transparent EQ using Fabfilter, which is amazing. I also learned how important it is to make sure a mix translates well from different monitors and almost sounds the same on all of them. We started with Focal's, then used bright M-Audios, then finally Yamaha Hs8's. The second session was with the artist coming in, his name is Andre Cox. Hes a producer/ artist, and his track was really good. Rob got it from sounding alright to amazing while letting me know what he was doing and while following along within one hour. Andre also wrote a song that got on the A Haunted House 2 soundtrack which is dope and has music on soundcloud. I'm really excited to hear both tracks finished and released. Lilly is coming in next week and hopefully i get to sit in on the session and help record more instruments to her track. We used a lot of virtual analog plugins and Slate Audio. Also, another RRFC student was there named Kameron and we talked about Travis Scott, his art shows he puts on in D.C., and the new XXXTentacion and Lil Uzi Vert albums that just dropped. Overall it was a pretty amazing first day getting to sit in on everything that was happening and learning a ton from just one day from what Rob showed me. I'm really excited for Friday which is when im going in next. 

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