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Journal #20 - Band Posted on 2015-12-20 by Catherine Trinh

1) Date of Session: Dec 17th, 2014

2) Time in: 1:30 PM

3) Time out: 4:00 PM

4) Lesson #: 20


Today Tara brought in another band for me to record. We did a scratch track first with the electric guitar then moved onto doing a little bit of the drum recording. I feel like we didn’t use our time to wisely today because there wasn’t much recording being done. The band took a long time to get all set up, after they’ve set up their instruments I had to get in there to do my mic set up which to some time as well so once everything was done, we didn’t have much time left to record.


When miking the drums today we finally had proper mics to mic most parts of the drums!

I miked the toms, snare, kick, high hat and overheads, when miking the overheads I learned that I personally am not able to do them because I am not tall enough to do it myself so I had to get Tara to help me do the overhead miking, measuring them, making sure they're in place and equally distances apart.


Once the recording session started, I started to get a real feel of how this bands actually work(?) or felt about each other. The member's didn’t really seem to get along every well and kind of out casted a member or two. The atmosphere was kind of tense and dry but no comments were made. After the drums were recorded, the drummer came out to give it a listen. It was getting dark/late out as well so after hearing the few recordings we did the other band members just decided to leave because they didn’t want to be stuck in traffic since there wasn’t enough time to record their parts. I personally wanted to do another take of the drums but they all just left so the drummer started to take apart his drum set. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling how they had an attitude towards each other but I wasnt sure what to say and Tara said we'd reschedule and come back in again to try and do more work next time. Over all it was another nice learning experience.

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