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Blog #9 Posted on 2016-01-16 by Joey Denbutter

It's been a while since the last blog, but with christmas and new years I was not fully focussed on doing my lessons. I have now finished chapter 16 and I have also finished my mix! The mix was quite difficult as the recording techiques used for the song I picked were not very good. This made it difficult to get a good sounding mix, especially with the drums. I really enjoyed the mix, and I learnt a lot from it. It was also good to show the mix to Doug and see what he did with it, I definitely learnt a lot from that too. 

Now it's on to the MIDI assignment. I kind of want to wait with it because I'm looing at buying a MIDI controller seeing as though I don't have one. I do have electronic drums with MIDI capabilities so I will definitely be playing around with that. It might be a while until I hand the assignment in as I'm waiting on the controller (sorry!). I have used MIDI in the past so I knew parts of the lesson already but deffinitely learnt some stuff that I didn't know too! 

The end is approaching for me and I'm excited to put my skills to use in the real world!

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