For many years, J.B. Pivots Beach Club in Charleston was the place to go and hear 'beach music' (South Carolina's own unique blend of rock, R&B and other influences) and to dance 'The Shag,' a dance also originating in the state. The business was sold in 2009, but J.B. Pivots has since become the Beach Music and Shag Preservation Society, which holds annual festivals and regular Shag classes to preserve this tradition.

Charleston holds a unique place in the legacy of American music, and the legacy continues today with an active music scene, with local and touring acts from a variety of genres regularly playing in popular venues such as The Pour House and the Music Farm.

The individuals featured on these pages are all professional audio engineers and music producers who have proven their standard of excellence by attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute in Charleston, SC. All of these qualified professionals learned in some of the finest recording studios in Charleston and were trained one-on-one by some of the best producer/engineers in the business today. Please check out the professional websites of these individuals if you're looking for high-quality audio services in Charleston, or if you'd like to know more about the benefits of attending the Recording Connection. Click here for more information about Recording Connection Audio Institute.

Latest Blog Entries from Charleston Recording Connection Students

Andrew Jordan

Week 18 BlogPosted by Andrew Jordan on 2015-06-12

This week my mentor and I only met at the studio on one day rather than two. I did some recording for a rapper, and I learned that you should make sure you have the mic lines and levels set before recording a vocal track... Read More >>