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Major: Recording- Audio Engineering and Music Production

Since I was old enough to talk I've been singing and writing music, then I was playing music and recording it and now I'm working to learn how to edit it and turn it into something that someone would truly enjoy listening to. My biggest passion in life has always been music. I want to be a part of every little step from scribbling the lyrics down on paper to tweaking the sound of a recorded audio clip. Recording Connection is a perfect opportunity for me to learn how to make my music sound professional. 

I grew up in Chiang Mai, Thailand where my parents were missionaries. I went to an international school there where I was a part of several groups including band, choir, our school worship team and the worship team at my church, so I've had plenty of experience with vocal performance. My dad was a movie producer there and had a large studio that he worked from. Though I'm interested in anything having to do with media production my main focus has always been music, and to be more specific; performance. I figured though that I'm not going to get very far without any kind of musical experience. Then I found out about Recording Connection and realized that it would be a great way to learn a little bit about music from the other side of things. Instead of performing I would be learning how to manipulate sound into something your ears would crave hearing. My hope being that somedday I'd be able to do this with my own music.

Once I graduated high school I moved to the states. I'd always imagined going to some big music school were I'd major in vocal performance. I ended up going to Greenville College for one semester and realized that that's not what I wanted. Nothing seemed to be working out for me, but I continued to write music. Eventually Recording Connections was discovered by my mom and I thought it'd be good for me. I did some research on it and decided it sounded perfect, and so far it has been. I've learned so much. I'm hoping this program will teach me enough so I can take the next step and get my music heard.

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