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Major: Audio Engineering / Music Production

Musicians speak their own type of language. They speak in sounds and tones. As a recording engineer and music producer it\'s my job to understand that language and help them turn it into a great sounding record.
My name is Brian Piper, and I am a Recording Connections graduate. I completed my degree in 2013 and have been busy doing work ever since. If you havent read my success story, I was offered an assistant engineer job at Lava Room Recording right after I graduated. About 2 months after assisting I was offered a full-time staff job and have been working out of that Studio ever since.
I started my obsession with music at a very young age. My Grandpa bought me my first drum set and things took off from there. Music has been such a huge part of my life and has given me so many unforgettable experiences. It took me to Los Angeles where I got to play in some of the citys most iconic venues. I was on ABC Familys Secret Life of the American Teenager television show. Atlantic Records flew my band out to play in front of A&R and label heads. So many incredible experiences that I will never forget and thats why when it was time for me to pick a career, I picked something I would always love doing. 
To learn more about me and my journey, please visit my website and follow me on Instagram and Facebook.
Brian Piper

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