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Working in a recording studio so far. Posted on 2017-04-06 by DanielRynkewics

So far the experience of working in a professional recording studio has been educational and rewarding. There were many things I already knew and understood but also allot I needed to know more about to be competent in the audio industry. Rack gear and specific pieces of equipment I had never used before I now use on a regular basis and feel competent to work with in a professional environment. The experience of using many different mics under different circumstances has also broadened my horizons. Before this internship I had never had the opportunity to work with the styles of music my mentor mainly deals with (folk/rock/country) and learning how to make these genres sound good in a mix is a huge addition to the knowledge I have. This is just a basic overview of the time i have spent there so far. I am looking forward the rest of the time I will be there and what I can gain.     

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