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2nd Observation day Posted on 2018-03-12 by Sean \\\'Glass\\\' Kancewick

Today Mark had us make a song for a car chase scene in a movie. We set up drums, Mic'd her up, and recorded 6 tracks in through the SSL console, but not before me getting to ask Rohan to explain the routing. That is - How things are routing from the big booth XLR wall plate on through the SSL, Pro Tools as well as patching with the patchbay. From this point on, we recorded 2 midi tracks in using virtual instruments, me and another one of the fellas came up with some vocal ideas and I layed down a few layers of vocals, we recorded some bongos and a little more vocals. We gave it a rough balance and printed the track. Boom. I personally thought in the amount of time we were given, as a scratch-track, we did pretty good coming up with a quick theme and tracking it. Also, being I have a good amount of experience in Pro tools already, in the PC environment that is, it was good today to get on asking and learning a lot more of the Mac key commands to start hitting those hard.. as well as get used to the different mouse a bit too:) Thought today was def another good day.  

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