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My name is Michael P. Mendoza, I go by Mike, Meekal, Mendoza, M-n-M, whatevers clever. I am a born family man, from Bismarck, ND. I just recently moved to Denver to pursue my un-dying passion for music and all the in's and out's it takes to caress the ears. I am currently under the wing of Karl Barthooomaei at Dub Media Studios in Denver. Over the years I have developed a love for every genre out there, except a couple stragglers. I orginially grew up listening to old school hip hop, like Eric B. & Rakim, Kottonmouth Kings and Dr. Dre while still giving props to the new agers such as Brother Ali, Atmosphere, and so on. Eventually, after semi-shifting into metal and "emo" as they called it when I was 14. Bands such as Matchbook Romance, Thrice, Silverstein, and The Used all the way to Job for a Cowboy, Emmure, Born of Osiris and August Burns Red. Just the whole idea of collaborating your crazy emotions into good metal was just perfect for me. Don't get me wrong, during all the metal, I was building my permanent love for Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Eric Clapton, Sublime, The Dead, Jimi, Chilli Peppers, Doobie Brothers, Steve Miller and all the good stuff. After dabbling my fair share into every band I could, always buying and trading new cds (when cd's were still a thing), going to shows and interacting with all the members, who were mostly local. As soon as I hit about mid-freshman year, I discovered the essential magic of reggae and island music. Slightly Stoopid, Bob Marley, Pepper, Iration, Dirty Heads, The Expendables, 311  and so on. Needless to say, it took me over. I would even admit to say that it gave me a new perspective on life, due to the fact that my home-life was on the rocks with dad almost leaving us and being hospitalized for months. So, I jammed it. All day.. all night. I quit football, knowing that I had more fun listening to music in the locker rooms before the games then actually playing them. So I took a passion in it and made it my utopia. About mid-highschoool, I was introduced to EDM. Wow! It was unbelievable to me, the different sounds, frequencies and vibes sent out and all electronic. Completely blown away, starting off with Pretty Lights and Bassnectar of course, then immediatlely dipping undergound to Bar 9, Rusko, Skream & Benga, Funtcase, and all the filthy stuff. It exploded my passion into goals, knowing that I couldn't keep keeping up with the new genres and not have part in it. I started going to music festivals with my friends, my first one was Harvest Fest in Geneva, MN. It is a festival that is held by the ever-so-vibrant.. Wookiefoot. I was internally speechless. Needless to say, after that summer.. my brother and I planned a big festival run the next summer. Started off with Bella Tempo, a jam and electronic festival in Harmony Park of Geneva, MN, the following week we hoofed it up to Michigan for the first year of Electric Forest, killed it. Got to see String Cheese 3 nights, and every EDM artist I could think of. Of course, everyone's little Skrillex was there, not a fan. We then made it down to Tennesee for Bonnaroo, where I got to see all the EDM artists but also Robert Plant from Zeppelin, The Black Keys, Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young, Eminem, and sooooo many more. I loved it. I then, made my way to the great state of Colorado to see Red Rocks accompanied by Slightly Stoopid and Rebelution and also saw Primus and The Flaming Lips do Dark Side of the Moon. Wow! I then made it back to Geneva for Shangri- La Festival (formally Harvest Fest), there I was hypnotized by Matisyahu, Xavier Rudd, Wookie, and so many more. Since then I have been to the Forest again, Sonic Bloom, and countless countless shows. After the festival culture was given to me, I received the amazing works of Random Rab, Govinda, Polish Ambassador, Lucient Dossier Experience, Spongle, Archnemesis, Beats Antique, Nasty Nasty, Theivery Corporation, Robotic Pirate Monkey, PAPADOSIO, G. Love, Labrat, Wick-it and so much more. A bit after highschool, a series of unfortunate events struck me..sparking a WHOLE NEW way of expressing myself other than music, writing. One day I was sick of just keeping everything in and I just let it flow. I now have over 40 pieces of writing that I hold dear to myself as reminders to just stay happy and live this life to the fullest. Now, having a taste of all of this musical culture on my tongue, I knew that I could never be the guy at a desk for the rest of my life. I wake up, with my music in my head. I am the guy thats always tapping his fingers or hands without even knowing I am. It's music, it's everyones mental escape and favorite companion. I know deep down that I will never turn away from this passion but only feed it. I see myself in 5 years, developing and helping clients achieve their goal as musicians and producing some of my own work. I have no doubt that my life and love for this culture will only prosper into something better than before, there's a whole world out there that I want to jam with.


Thank you for reading my bio,

it really is just me in a nutshell. I also do have a soundcloud that has a blueprint of all the stuff I like today.

Please contact me if you would like jam or just converse about the wonders of a beat.

Peace and Love,

Michael or (Concious Root)


soundcloud - michaelmendoza.

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