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My name is Jordan Graham I am a Producer, Musician, Pianist, and DJ under the alias "Jordan Michael." I have been playing piano for 14 years and branched out and taught myself 4 other instruments. I got into producing my own music digitally back in 2012, my main genre I like to focus on is more electronic based music, but I like to make everything I can. 

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Jordan Graham

10/6 Blog Entry #8Posted by Jordan Graham on 2014-10-08

This week we final got started on Pro Tools! My mentor showed me what all the buttons he uses during a session do along with some very important keyboard shortcuts that I need to memorize because they will be very beneficial when setting up sessions so I can get everything together a lot quicker vs... Read More >>

Jordan Graham

9/29 Blog Entry #7Posted by Jordan Graham on 2014-10-08

This week was all about Tracking, we discussed the importance of all the pre-session work that needs to be done before the client comes in like knowing what kind of music will be recorded if possible, how many people will be recorded, which order to set up mics, where to place the people being recorded, etc... Read More >>