If you could record in a town that has produced such bands and artists as Slipknot, Stone Sour, The Nadas, T-Boz Watkins, Sarah Darling, Roger Williams, and Grammy-award-winning producer Bangladesh, would you be interested?

Would you be surprised to learn that we're talking about Des Moines, Iowa?

Don't underestimate this town of 200,000 in the heart of the midwest. Des Moines has an active music scene, a rich musical heritage, and plenty of quality recording studios. In fact, all of the individuals featured on this page are top-shelf audio engineers and music producers who got their start at the prestigious Recording Connection Audio Institute at Des Moines, learning one-on-one from professional audio engineers and music producers in Des Moines recording studios. Be sure to visit their individual websites if you're in the market for a high-quality recording engineer or music producer, or to discover more of the benefits of attending Recording Connection yourself.

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