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Major: Sound Engineering

I have always had an interest in music coming from a family of musicians. I decided at a yound age that i was going to pursue a career in the music industry and do what ever i could to be successful. I started out playing on a cheap drum set i had gotten one christmas and soon after saved money up to buy my first bass guitar which i taught myself to play. Later on i wanted to start recording some of the songs i had writen and that led me to a friend from school who happened to have the equipment to do such a thing. After recording a few of my tracks I knew what i wanted to do for the rest of my life and that is what led me to the recording connection. Now my goal is finish the program and be able to record other artist and help produce amazing music for everyone to enjoy.

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Brice Farris

A new startPosted by Brice Farris on 2013-09-18

So i've finally been able to take a tour of the studio i will be going to and i must say it was amazing. After meeting my mentor and everyone else at the studio i cant wait to start... Read More >>