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Second entry Posted on 2017-01-05 by Troy Coley

I feel like i should be moving faster with this but granted im onlyone person with 2 jobs and this program during holiday season 2016. not making excuses trust me. i have survived the holidays and and ready to really tackle these lessons and spend more time at Metro 37. Aced the Chapter 2 quiz on electronics. I've sat in on 3 sessions so far and have met Greg Striker during 2 of these sessions. Super cool guy. Very talented. Funny. Intuitive. Has that passion for music. I have basically just been observing how the flow of a session is and the order and etiquette. I still am feeling really green with this as far as the technical side and the language and correct terminology. I'm sure it will al become second nature one day but that day seems like an eternity right now. I also met Ryan during my last session. he is in a band and also is a very savvy engineer. i wouldnt mind spending more time with this guy. he seems like he knows a lot a could show me some things that might be a little...for lack of a better term... outside the box. all in all, this is a new year with a new challange for myself and im ready to give it my all. tmrw i plan to complete chapter 3 so i can get caught up in my time frame and ge to the really "fun" parts

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