Travis OConnerDouglasville Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineer/Music Producer

My name is Travis O'Conner! I am originally from PA but currently live in Atlanta Georgia. I moved to follow my dreams of one day becoming a great Audio Engineer/Music producer! Recording Connection has made my dreams become a reality! When I first started, I had the pleaure of meeting  Travis Harrington and couldn't have been more excited!Being able to experience as well as watch and learn from an amazingly talented Engingeer was a dream come true.Having the opportunity to be able to work with another amazing Engineer/Producer Felipe "Flip" Frazier has made my experience and passion grow even more. Being able to visit and experience large music studios and watch how the professionals work is a great way of hands on education.  Hard work and dedication has all come into play this year.Soon I will be able to wake up everyday knowing i get to work with what i love, MUSIC!