Shedrick CarrGreensboro Recording Connection

Major: Basic Audio Engineering

Hey what's good! My name is Shedrick Carr. I am a art major at Alabama A&M University, and a Basic Audio Engineering Major at the Recording Radio Film Connection as well. Music is my medicine, my hobby, my way to vent and express myself, and soon it'll be my career. I have been educating myself on music ever since I was 13 years old. I always told myself if I wanted to be something or do something I have to learn the best way I can. Self sufficient was something I had to be. Growing up to be a man I realized that I wanted to motivate and inspire people to be more than normal. Those were my aspirations. When you realize your gifts and availibites it helps you choose your hobbies and passions which defines who you are. When I realized who I was and what I wanted out of life I began to realize that I wanted to put my aspirations into what I do. Caught between a rock and a heartplace with writing and music I had to choose one to be my main career. Even though I still write poetry I had to go with my first love which was the music. Self sufficient is who I am, and hardworking defines the person I am. Sometimes it's not about whether I get it right o nthe first try or not. it was always about trying my best and getting better at it till I get it right. Persistence and perseverance can take you a long way in what you do, that is if you let it. I am who I am and there's no prentending ways or plagiarism about my originality. The first time they called me from The Radio Recording Film Connection, I had to take a knee and thank God. My reality is now coming true. It may be hard and difficult, but God never puts through anyhthing that you can't bear. If I can see it then I know one day I can grasp it. A young man with alot of dreams that grew up to be a productive scholar will be able to thank someone for being touched by music all because that''s my craft. Even though the road of success for me may be infinate long and narrow, I will never stop chasing my dreams. I have to get closer and make my dreams a reality. Too hard and difficult for some, but for a young man like myself it's no excuses....

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