When many people think of music in Honolulu, Hawaii, they think of luaus on the beach, ukeleles, steel guitars and hula dancers moving to traditional Hawaiian folk tunes. Indeed, Hawaiian folk plays a huge role in the Honolulu music scene, but the music of Hawaii also encompasses many other genres, such as rock, country, and even 'Jawaiian' music, which is Hawaii's own brand of reggae.

Here on this page, you'll find a number of professional audio engineers and music producers featured, all of whom have demonstrated the highest standards of excellence by attending the Recording Connection Audio Institute of Honolulu. These qualified professionals have each been trained in world-class recording studios under the personal mentoring of some of the best music industry pros in the business. If you have need of high-quality recording services, or if you're interested in learning more about attending the Recording Connection yourself, you can't go wrong by visiting the professional websites of these producer/engineers. For more information about the Recording Connection Audio Institute and our various locations, please click here.

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Darrel Domanico

Basic Audio Engineering - Chapter #15 Quiz Posted by Darrel Domanico on 2017-11-11

A Delay, when applied to an audio signal, does what?   Your Answer: Stores the audio signal, and plays it back at a given time interval Feedback is achieved by doing what?   Your Answer: Feeding the delayed signal back into the input of the delay device What type of effect do we hear with a short delay of 0 to 1msec, with feedback?   Your Answer: Phasing Chorusing, can also be described as _____________... Read More >>