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Ch. 1 Sound and Hearing: What I Learned. Posted on 2017-10-01 by Mike Hadawi

Terms like amplitude, sound, and compression have been familiar to me, but after reading chapter 1 I've realized what waveforms are, what a sine wave is, what decibels really are and the fact that frequency has a lot to do with pitch.  I learned terms like timbre, wavelength, hertz, simple waveforms, complex waveforms and other terms I never looked into before.  I now understand more about what an envelope is and all it's sections.  I never knew or thought to recognize the many organs that affect how humans hear, but now I have a more visual understanding of all the parts that play when recieving sound into your ears such as the Malleus, Incus, Stapes and Cochlea.  I already knew the difference between monophonic and stereophonic from using several audio softawares in the past, but I now also understand more about how in depth you can get with how a performace sounds through stereo imaging.

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