Beyonce. B.J. Thomas. ZZ Top. Hilary Duff. Clint Black. Barbara Mandrell. Destiny's Child. What does this diverse list of musical artists share in common? All of them came out of Houston, Texas. Known more, perhaps for its connection to NASA than to the music industry, this city of 2 million people has an active music scene, and is especially known as the origin of the 'Houston hip-hop' sound.

The audio engineers and music producers on this page have all been educated at Recording Connection Audio Institute in Houston, TX, trained one-on-one in world-class recording studios by some of Houston's best music industry professionals. Each of these individuals has proven their dedication to the highest standards.

Take a look at their individual websites if you're in the market for a top-shelf producer or engineer, or to discover more of the benefits of attending Recording Connection yourself. For more information on the Recording Connection Audio Institute, click here.

Latest Blog Entries from Houston Recording Connection Students

Charmaund Robertson

Ch.3 BlogPosted by Charmaund Robertson on 2018-01-08

In chapter 3 I recieved a better understanding of digital audio and how it works. This chapter taught me more about how signal is converted from analog to digital and it gave me a better understanding of the process... Read More >>

Charmaund Robertson

Ch 9 Blog Posted by Charmaund Robertson on 2017-11-06

In this chapter there was a lot of informative information on pro tools and how to operate it at an efficient pace. I really enjoyed learning about the key commands because now i can use more shortcuts ainstead doing time costly things while mixing... Read More >>

Charmaund Robertson

Ch 8 Posted by Charmaund Robertson on 2017-10-30

This blog was really informative and taught me a lot about pro tools. I now know how to use different key commands to make me more efficient with the DAW and make my clients more satisfied with my abilities... Read More >>