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I'm Charmaund Robertson also known ad DJ Maund soon to be mogul. I'm 19 with a lot of ambition and hunger but im a really cool person that loves to create music. I'm from Houston Texas born and raised. 

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Charmaund Robertson

Ch.3 BlogPosted by Charmaund Robertson on 2018-01-08

In chapter 3 I recieved a better understanding of digital audio and how it works. This chapter taught me more about how signal is converted from analog to digital and it gave me a better understanding of the process... Read More >>

Charmaund Robertson

Ch 9 Blog Posted by Charmaund Robertson on 2017-11-06

In this chapter there was a lot of informative information on pro tools and how to operate it at an efficient pace. I really enjoyed learning about the key commands because now i can use more shortcuts ainstead doing time costly things while mixing... Read More >>