Aubree StockmanJacksonville Recording Connection

Major: audio engineer\\ producer

my education first started when i picked up a guitar for the first time. i've learned how to play classical, country, rock (newer/older), metal. i've learned many techniques on guitar such as finger picking, chords, power chords, alternate picking, hybrid picking, sweep picking,etc. then i found the recording radio & film connection, and decided to take the audio engineer program.

my work histroy, i set up different mics in the studio, hook up chords, clean up, learning how to recording on pro tools. my interests is my band, becoming an audio engineer/ producer, manager, own record label, own studio, teaching others/ helping others build themselfs up in music. after completeing this program i'm going back for more programs such as manager, live sound, music business, etc. 

there are many things that i love about this major to make/play music is to live for me. if i didn't have i wounldn't be here. i'm very greatful that i found something that saved me, some people never find that and end their own life. to find out how to create and find out how to record the best sound for your clients. all the different microphones that are best for what instruments. meeting so many new bands/ people and see then in the studio together. to help bands find their way, help them find their sound from within.

My first start was in 9th grade when I picked up my first guitar. It was acoustic, then a year or 2 after that my grandpa gave me money to get  my first electric. I got a schecter guitar. then a year or 2 after that I got a Gibson but went right back to my schecter. I haven't played any other of guitar since, I decided to try to get a band together but with no luck, but I have band name and some songs ready. Then in June or July of 2014 I found the recording connection online and that's when I decided to also engineer and produce music, I've actually wanted to do it for a while but I just made a conscience decision to just do it. For future aspects I plan to have my own studio, teaching music on the side and my band.

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