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My name is Angel Romero J.r and I was raised in a small town in Kansas named Dodge City. I moved back to my home town of Houston to persue a career in audio engineering. My passion is to create a new mixture of various different music which includes mixing jazz and electronic music. Join me in my journey to creating a better future for music and bringing back a style from the pass that seems to be forgotten. A style of smooth jazz and soul based music with a touch of the new era rap, hip-hop, and rock. 

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Angel Romero

713Posted by Angel Romero on 2015-10-14

It's been awhile since I posted but I'm back and ready to show you more! I've been in studio 713 here in Houston, TX for about 2 months now and have met a bunch of amazing people! Ricky Rich has shown me the true wolrd of audio engineering and I plan to take all the information and create a new world of music! Finally learning more about Pro Tools so now its time to start mastering every little thing about engineering!  Read More >>