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Felix Nieto

Mic Polar PatternsPosted by Felix Nieto on 2015-01-23

Hey Guys So today we will be talking about microphone polar patterns. While you may know something about this topic already this might serve as a refresher and maybe shed some new light on the issue... Read More >>

Felix Nieto

Nyquist Theory ExplainedPosted by Felix Nieto on 2015-01-07

Hey Guys So today we are talking about the Nyquist Theory and what it means for us today. Its a good theory to understand because i know a lot of people always have questions about it and wonder how to impliment it into their work... Read More >>

Felix Nieto

Ohms and AmpsPosted by Felix Nieto on 2014-12-18

  Hey guys, So today we are going to be talking about Ohms. Oh joy right! Well while it can sound like a boring topic this is a very useful one that will help you out in the long run... Read More >>