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In the year of 2009 I first began to experience hip hop as a genre of music and slowly but surely came to appreciate Hip Hop as a unique culture, attitude, and awareness. No man's walk in life is easy or replete with sunny days but as Erick Sermon says: "Music makes the clouds roll by." And so I have made it my mission to contribute what I can not only to my own well being but to the well being of all of those who I meet and in a larger sense all of those who can come in to contact, not just through myself, but through my ideas and an even broader range of ideas than I could hope to present; through music, with music providing the impetus for self advancement. It is true that each one must teach one, so if we strive only for personal gain then each one is only teaching selfishness to others. It is my goal to learn as much as my experiences can teach and by way of my words share the knowledge that comes from experience with others, so that they may better themselves. After my first year at university I knew that the road of material entrapment was not one for me to travel and so I was resolved to devote myself fully to music despite what values and goals the voices of "reason" may try to enforce to the contrary. My only goal is to be a boon to mankind and a voice in favor of the development of a more peaceful state of mind amongst all social, political, religious, and ethnic groups. Every day brings new opportunities and so I will not only seize the opportunity, I will seize the day. The very mentality which is enforced by the Latin phrase "Carpe diem" is intended to promote opportunity by presenting every day itself AS an opportunity to be 'seized' or directed to a positive end. By expecting opportunities we are able to realise the presence of opportunities when they arise. So when you ask yourself: "What am I doing with my life?" Remember: You are building the very foundation of your future every day.

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Jacob Williams

The first sessionPosted by Jacob Williams on 2014-09-13

Friday September 12, 2014  Today I went in for my first formal studio session. Kevin and I discussed the basic structure of an instrumental track which in this case includes a hi hat, snare, kick, and bass drum... Read More >>