Johnathon ButlerLive OAk Recording Connection

Major: Audio Engineer


I've had the wonderful oppertunity to attend RRF Musician Institute and learn alot about music in general I have operated varies analog boards such as API,NEVE,SSL DUALITY and learned the ways of work a average studio working patch bays and using basic signal flow to run a smooth studio session. I have had the oppurtunity to assitant engineer with Todd Helmrich recording the Tonight Band, Produced by Smitty Smith. I have been a musician since I was 6 playing in church started wuth drums and always loved to keep  a cool rythm! Im very strong with grooving with a band and maintaing a tight groove with a band in the pocket, also very strong in my gospel music also very familiar with alot of gospel songs. Overall I am a very open guy with a open book ready to jam with whom ever to have fun and produce buisness with.