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Major: Basic Audio Engineering - Post Production Focus

I have done music performance since I was a child learning piano. I have been composing music in different formats since high school, and some of those are on my SoundCloud. I even attended university for Music Theory and Composition. I have done recording as a hobby, and also for work, live performance and also studio.  Having worked with audio and music my whole life, post production seemed like the next logical step. I am fascinated with movies, TV and games. Getting to work on them for living sounds perfect. I also have spent the last few years working with and being an actor. I feel like I have an inside view to the minds of the artist, giving me a different way to connect with them.

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Thaer Irvin

MIDIPosted by Thaer Irvin on 2018-10-02

MIDI can be very useful. Not only is it for instruments, but also for anything that can be controlled, like lights or sequencers... Read More >>