In the city of Madison, Wisconsin, one of the most popular music hotspots in town is the High Noon Saloon, located a few blocks east of the state capitol building. This celebrated venue hosts live music every night of the week, in genres that include country, rock, metal, punk, indie, folk and more. Besides featuring a wide array of local talent, the High Noon Saloon has hosted a huge roster of national acts, including Ray Lamontagne, Avett Brothers, Over the Rhine, Ra Ra Riot, Fountains of Wayne, Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, The New Pornographers and many others. The High Noon Saloon is just one of several high-profile venues comprising Madison's busy music scene.

The individuals you'll find here on this page are professional audio engineers and/or music producers who have been trained by Recording Connection Audio Institute in Madison, WI, learning at top-shelf recording studios with one-on-one mentoring by some of the best audio professionals in the business.

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Latest Blog Entries from Madison Recording Connection Students

Riley Heaslip

MasteringPosted by Riley Heaslip on 2017-10-03

I remeber at first thinking that the mastering process didnt seem to hard just because it seemd like there was less steps in doing so than most other processes but shortly after getting into the program i had seen how little of adjustments you have to make sometimes to get it to sound just right coming out of "loud speakers", headphones,car spekers etc... Read More >>

Riley Heaslip

Acoustics and MonitoringPosted by Riley Heaslip on 2017-09-27

There is a lot of information given in this chapter but it all makes sense to me, how the acoustics of rooms effect things, how you can alter the acoustics, and, why and where to place monitors, loudspeakers, absorbers, etc... Read More >>

Riley Heaslip

AutomationPosted by Riley Heaslip on 2017-09-27

Automation seems like a tool that in certain situations would make what you are trying to do  fairly easy like making the tempo of two tracks work together like how dave did in one of the tutorials and made the vocal track the same speed as the others so the voice didnt sound really slow and off beat... Read More >>