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Major: recording/audio egineer

My name is Joshua Garza Im currently studying to be a recording/audio engineer with goal of eventually becoming a producer. i love hard rock, hiphop, & electronic dance music the most. Of course i am willing to work and learn with all types of music and musicans .My mentor is Andy Sharpe with music lane records. My goal is to put music out there for the world to enjoy and have an escape from day to day problems , music always seems to bring peace in my life and im hoping to put the same peace in other peoples lifes .

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Joshua Garza

TODAY Posted by Joshua Garza on 2012-07-18

today was a great day in class learned a lot got hand on experince with protools, learned how to set up a studio, cant wait to see what we do tomorrow Read More >>

Joshua Garza

long dayPosted by Joshua Garza on 2012-07-17

very long day today drove all the way to atx then got to work on my homework and reading just finished my quiz , lets see how everything goes tomorrow in class... Read More >>