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Intro Posted on 2016-09-18 by Kevin Morales

Hey, whats going on guys? Just finished my first week here on Recording Connection. I got to say it was a productive week for me. Im just getting started so i didnt get to experience as much as I would want to but im sure thats normal at the begining. I went over the first chapter a few times until I felt that I understood what I was reading. I definitely learned some new stuff I never had imagined exsisted like air molecules and how they all are around us and when we displace those molcules comes sound. If you would've ask me what sound was last week I wouldnt of had an idea on how to answer that question. I cant wait until things get rolling and I get into studio so more. I was able to meet up with Jesse, my mentor on sunday for a couple of hours. He was finshing up with a reording session then after we went over some questions I had on the lesson like harmonics and fundamental frequency. Im excited and ready to learn everyhting there is to know about audio engeneering. This is my first step towards everything I want to accomplish so this is EVERYTHING! The reason I choose audio engeneering has a lot to do with the fact that in the past ive written my own lyrics and recorded a couple of mixtapes. During that season it was difficult for me to duplicate the sound I heard through the abilites of someone else. It was then, that the desire to learn this particular skill was planted in my heart and now that I here at Recording Connection it feels like that seed is being watered for the very first time in a long time. I cant imagine being here unless it was something God has planned so I got to thank Him for this opportunity. So ill leave it at that until next time guys. 

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Kevin Morales

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