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Just Getting Warmed Up Posted on 2016-10-19 by Kevin Morales

Just aced my Chapter Six quiz and im PUMPED! I love everything that im learning. The studio time that im getting is GREAT as well. Jesse, my mentor, has given me a chance to mix one of the reordings hes gave me and its been fun practicing with the pannels and even playing with the effects. Im in the process of just getting familiar with the software and training my ears to here different channels of elements. Ive also had the chance to meet Alfonso who is an artist there at New Sound Studios and has been working on his bands album. Its a genre of music ive never really been interested in but i have to say my perspective of the sound itself has changed. The sound is simliar to Tejano, Norteno and some songs Cumbia from my point of view then again ive never had experience recording this type of music. Overall, im having fun and learning so much from these lessons. I cant wait until i start working with Pro Tools and im also looking forward to microphone palcement and experienmenting with different types of microphones and the different sounds the produce. 

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Chapter 10Posted by Kevin Morales on 2016-11-25

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