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Major: Basic Music Production/ All Genres

Sam Moore is a graduate of the Recording Connection program as of January 2018. He began mixing at the age of 9 on his family computer growing up and has since got his music featured in The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and on Pandora Radio Station. While creating tracks using MIDI, his interest around recording musicians preformnaces began to blossom. He went to The University of Oshkosh Wisconsin to seek out a degree as a Recording Engineer. He decided the program didn\'t meet his needs and he wanted a more hands on experience. He began working at National Recording LLC in Milwaukee Wisconsin alongisde his mentor and owner of the studio, Daniel Zelonky. He worked with and helped record numerous musicians, voice-overs, and audio books as well as mix his own personal projects within the studio. He is currently working on an EP under the stage name French Toast Slam, an Indie Alternative/Rock artist. He is also working on creating the sound effects and music score for a video game set to release in 2020. Sam Moore currently resides in New Berlin, Wisconsin.

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Sam Moore

Week 17Posted by Sam Moore on 2017-12-12

Finally closing in towards the end of the program and I am kind of bummed it has gone by so fast. I've learned a lot and I've worked through so many projects alongside Danny and made "perfect" and "terrible" mixes along the way... Read More >>

Sam Moore

week 11Posted by Sam Moore on 2017-11-01

I submitted my mid-term assignment last week, and I was kinda dissappointed I couldn't do better. I'm so used to using ableton live to tweak sounds and stuff like that and decided I would only use pro tools/ no ableton plug-in... Read More >>